The Ultimate Revelation Of How To Choose Thread Count

Thread Count

The best thread count in sheets is determined by yarn size aka “yarn count” and not solely by the total number (sum) of thread. Yarns come in a variety of sizes (count) and materials. Based on which “yarn count” is picked a new fabric is the out come. Also, more than one yarn count “yarn size” can be used in weaving single fabric. The main rule is having a well balanced horizontal and vertical yarn in terms of weight and number of yarns used.

In Cotton Sateen the best thread count is 600 – 650 thread count woven from a yarn count of 100s. Anything above 650 woven with yarn count 100s will be thick and rough. 

In Bamboo the best count available is 600 thread count woven from 90s 100% Bamboo. The 90s all bamboo is the highest yarn count available currently.

If Percale is your pick then 300 Thread count percales is particularly good when woven at single pick insertion using 60s. Percale is matte one over one plain weave and cannot be made at higher thread counts like 600 for example.

Tencel or Eucalyptus trees is exceptionally of high quality at  600 Thread count sateen woven using 90s yarn count.

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