How to Hire a Sourcing Agent? Our 5 C Strategy !

Is a sourcing agent critical or important for a company wanting to source products for their retail , E-commerce, wholesale business etc. ?

In our opinion it is vital, especially if you are looking to source from developing markets.

Global business and brands often want to source directly from the factories and eliminate the middle men. With the digital age of communication and internet, buyer can search for factories and vendors from across the global.

There are multiple specialised sourcing website such as Alibaba, Indiamart, global sources etc. which have a huge data base of local factories and vendors.

We have developed a 5C approach to evaluate your sourcing agent and partner:

1. Communication:

Is he/She/they an agent or a partner- You are looking for a long-term relationship. If you can’t communicate effectively you will never be able to establish trust and develop a relationship.

2. Commitment:

Are they willing to do the extra bit to ensure your success. Will they try hard enough?

3. Cost:

Since this is relative to each, you should understand the scope of work and assess on how much would it cost you to do it yourself or within your company VS outsourcing it to a professional. Always remember there will be a learning curve for you.

4. Competence:

What level of experience do they have? Can they manage local vendors? Do they have the negotiation power to resolve your conflicts with factories it they ever arise?

5. Credibility:

Be mindful of the fact that there is not always a perfect world and challenges will come on the way , but be wary of people who over promise and under deliver.

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